Your Oshawa Dentist Discusses Whitening Teeth Options  


One of the most common questions that patients ask us is options for whitening their teeth. There are multiple options available, including ones from the drugstore or from your Oshawa Dentist at King Park Dental Oshawa.


The first option are whitening toothpastes that can be bought at any drugstore. They work by removing surface stains on teeth, but are not effective at removing stains that are deeper within the enamel of your teeth.




At-home teeth whitening products, such as Crest White-Strips, contain the same active ingredient as professional whitening products, but at much lower concentrations. As a result, this option is less potent, which means that you may not achieve the results that you want, and may also take longer. As well, these options can cause uneven whitening due to them being one size fits all.



The last and most effective option is a professional whitening kit that you can get from your Oshawa Dentist at King Park Dental Oshawa. Custom-fit whitening trays are made by taking a mold of your teeth and professional strength whitening gel is applied onto the trays to whiten your teeth. The whitening gel is more effective because it is at a higher concentration than over-the-counter products. As well, the custom whitening trays allow the gel to come into contact with your entire tooth, allowing even whitening.



Your Oshawa Dentist at King Park Dental Oshawa can also evaluate your teeth to see if you are a good candidate for whitening. Fillings and crowns is not natural tooth and will not whiten like your own teeth. Therefore, it is best to see us for a consult before whitening your teeth.

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