Replacing Missing Teeth (Dental Implant) At Your Oshawa Dentist

For a variety of reasons, patients may be missing teeth, including cavities, trauma, fractures, and gum disease.  As you can imagine, missing multiple teeth may make it difficult to chew, smile, speak, function, and exude self-confidence.

Oshawa Dental Implant Procedure



Various options to replace missing teeth include: bridges, implants, removable denture, implant-supported denture

One of the lesser known functions of teeth is to preserve the level of bone.  Not addressing missing teeth early enough can result in the movement of neighbouring teeth into the space, or shrinking of the bone, in some cases requiring bone augmentation (bone graft) in order to have a dental implant placed.   Therefore, it is always best to speak to your dentist even before you think you may lose a tooth.


At King Park Dental Oshawa, we have a dental implant specialist who can replace single missing teeth, and dentists that can help provide a dental bridge or implant-supported denture.  These are modern ways that we can improve your quality of life.  Speak to us about some of your options and don’t let missing teeth get in the way of your lifestyle.

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